Benny Desto Setiawan

Founder of PT Bens Data Solusi had exercised in the field of Wireless technology since 2007,  with the known as TJILALOENG for both in business and technical aspect.

Has a business experience and know-how of network and wireless technology.

Exploring and practicing IT since 1985, begin career in IT since 1991 as a computer lecturer, over 10 years as an IT Consultant, over 20 years in IT engineering practice.

Very fond of experiments in the field of IT for both software and networking.

In 2010 some spectacular things have successfully made ​​such as 92 Km long range wireless using 2.4 GHz band with grid antenna and 60 mW power, POP Tower power system, fully automatic backbone changer, unattended network monitoring system etc.

Member of Organisasi Radio Amatir Republik Indonesia (ORARI) with CallSign YC1TTC had experiences in radio communication, tower, antenna as well as electronic practice.